The Spiraling Tapestry

An inquiry into the contrapuntal fabric of music.

In two volumes

Vol. I Text --- Vol. II Examples




The Spiraling Tapestry is Philip Lasser's recent treatise presenting a new approach to understanding how music is organized. Born of some 20 years of research into the organic processes of music, the ideas and concepts brought forth in this theory arise from Lasser's personal study into the nature of musical syntax for his own compositional insights.
The result is a set of simple principles that permit everyone, from the most knowledgeable musician to the dedicated amateur, to gain profound insights into organic processes that lie deep in the organization of musical works.
Philosophies of time and memory are woven together with concepts of counterpoint to create a unique understanding of how we hear and perceive music.
Born of the music of Bach, this treatise uncovers the commonality of processes in Western music from the Baroque to the present.